Can you use oil on oily skin?

Can you use oil on oily skin?

"I can't use oil because I have oily skin"

"No, I can't use oil, it'll make my oily skin worse"

"it's not oil-free, I can't use it"


Does the above sound like you?

All too often, we hear people say they can't use oil in their skincare routine becuase they have oily skin, only to be surprised to learn that including oil can actually help!

Oil is essential to healthy skin. Our bodies produce sebum (oil), creating a protective, natural skin barrier which helps to hold in moisture, keeping skin supple and fresh. 


So why is my skin so oily?

Sometimes it's nature, other times, it's because of how we treat our skin. Either way, it can be helped with the same answer.

A lot of people unknowingly use harsh cleansers and exfoliators and while you may love that ‘squeaky clean‘, tight feeling, what's actually happening is your skin has been stripped of its natural oils and your skin barrier has become compromised. Your skin is damaged with micro-abrasions, leading to dry patches, wrinkles, redness and irritation.

This leads your body to go into oil production overdrive and you think you have oily skin. Repeat cycle of harsh cleansers.


What can I do about it?

Include oil in your skincare routine!

Think of your skin barrier like your bodies own nurturing cocoon. Using the right oils delivers deep hydration, nutrients and essential fatty acids to strengthen your cocoon.

Our Universal Body Oil contains the best skin loving ingredients to regulate sebum production, soothe & nourish your skin, repair & strengthen your skins barrier and deeply hydrate your skin. 

Your skin will feel protected, moisturised, soft, supple and balanced.



  • For your face, use 3-4 drops of Universal Body Oil, warmed in your hands and press into your skin. (do this morning and night after cleansing - use as liberally as desired for your body).
  • When drying your skin, pat it dry, rather than rubbing.
  • To help your skin recover further, ditch the harsh stuff and switch to a cream or oil based cleanser.
  • Wash your face with lukewarm water at the basin as hot shower water is too much for your beautiful face and exacerbates dryness.


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