How to layer your skincare

How to layer your skincare

You're looking at your skincare products, you're overwhelmed, you're not sure which order to apply them in - sound familiar? We're here to help!

Why does it even matter?

Applying your skincare in the right order ensures that each ingredient in each product is working its hardest for your skin. If you apply your products in the wrong order, ingredients can be blocked from reaching and absorbing into your skin, which is wasting your money!


Now - let's do our skincare routine!

Step 1: cleanse.

Step 2: tone - this is where you'll use your facial toners, sprays. Think watery products. 

(you can do a sheet mask here)

Step 3: serums, including eye serums (don't forget to use your ring finger to apply eye serums).

Step 4: Universal Body Oil - use top to toe!

Step 5: Cream moisturiser.

Step 6: Sunscreen.

Step 7: Makeup.


slay the day.


Helpful hint - store your products in the order in which they're used. That way when you're in a hurry, you won't have to think twice!


If you have questions about your specific products, please reach out to us at - we would love to help you out.

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